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Workshop "Prospects of energy efficiency increasing in the Odesa oblast"

  • Wednesday, 16 November 2016 23:43

October 25, 2016 a seminar on "Prospects for energy efficiency increasing in the Odessa region" was held.

The seminar began with the urgent issues on energy efficiency increasing in social facilities (opportunities and barriers, potential to attract international aid, etc.). It is important to note that the speakers' emphasis, including the director of LLC "Renewable Resources" Vyacheslav Bravermann, was focused on human health and the direct link between energy efficiency increasing and living conditions of people. It is the supreme value of human life and according to WHO Ukraine takes first place in the world in the number of deaths caused by air pollution.
Very interesting and informative session was on ESCO mechanism in the social sphere.

The most active was the third working session "Improving energy efficiency in the housing sector," which brought together heads and representatives of condominiums. On the municipal programs of energy efficiency informed the Deputy Director of Economic Development Limanskaia Elena. Practical experience of houses sanitation conducting and information about the prospects for the implementation of programs to compensate for the cost of materials for the implementation of energy efficiency are currently of extremely interest in the heads and representatives of condominiums.
In addition, during the third working session, Odessa Resource Center for condominium in Odessa region was presented. Experts of Resource Centre provide advice and disseminate information on the organization and operation of condominiums. Resource Center provide with professional advice on creating condominiums, staffing and paperwork. The Resource Centre is opened from Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1.p.m., Odessa, 15 V.Tereshkovoi str., office 107. Odessa Resource Center also provides regular counseling by telephone "hot line" (048) 784-04-39.

NGO "MAMA-86-Odessa"
NGO "Energetic country"
Communal Enterprise "Odessa energy saving company"
Association "Odessa Housing Union"
Representational office of Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine

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