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Adaptation to Climate Change of the Dniester River Basin through Creation of Planted Areas and Raising Public Awareness

Water resources in the basin Dniester vulnerable to climate change both quantitatively and qualitatively. According to estimates of experts available surface water resources will decrease by 16 - 20% by 2020. Thus, according to climate forecasts, there is a threat to economic development associated with water use.

Project goal: Developing the understanding of climate change problems by communities and reducing the communities’ vulnerability and increasing its ability to adapt to climate change in the Dniester River basin

•    To increase general public awareness on adaptation to climate change in the Dniester river basin issue.
•    To increase the adaptive capacity of Dniester river water protection zones through their forestation.

•    Providing the seminars and trainings on water resources in the basin Dniester adaptation of to climate change.
•    Information materials preparation.
•    Holding basin contest "Colours of the Dniester"/
•    The 3 sites in water protection zone of the Dniester River and  the river Kuchurgan forestation.

Project duration 01.08.2014 – 01.03.2015

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