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Awareness raising campaign on energy efficiency for construction related stakeholders in Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine (ARCEE)

Goal: To increase knowledge about measures to save energy and energy efficiency in buildings in Belorussia, Russia and Ukraine.

In the framework of the project was done:

A online information platform for the dissemination of information accumulated by the project 

  • A Country Dossier Profile for each country for further distribution and «Increasing the energy efficiency in buildings: Recommendations, developed by ARCEE project to National, Regional and Local levels»;
  • Text book of a module of e-learning materials accompanying with financial, legal and social issues was developed;
  • It was organized study tours for Ukrainian stakeholders to Germany and to Latvia.
  • It was provided 21 seminars, trainings, "round tables";
  • Three national conferences on energy efficiency for target groups, associations, building professionals, planners and politicians;
  • Options of Complex Energy Efficient Refurbishment for 5-stirey house on Marselskaya 10 (Odessa city) was developed;
  • Conception, detailed design for Complex Energy Efficient Refurbishment for 12-stirey house on Saharova 42 developed and agreed with Saharova 42 (Odessa city) house owners. The co-funding money for Saharova 42 is allocated in the Odessa city budgets development found;
  • 7000 Fact sheets on 12 different topics on energy efficiency in building were disseminated among stakeholders;
  • 2000 leaflets on 3 different topics on energy efficiency in building were disseminated among stakeholders.

Project partners:

Project «Awareness raising on energy efficiency» include 7 organizations from 5 countries:

Baltic Environmental Forum Germany, Hamburg (project coordinator)

Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia, Riga

Center for Transboundary Cooperation (CTC), St. Petersburg, Russia

Ecoproject Partnership, Minsk, Belorussia

Мама-86-Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

Architectural bureau Auraplan, Hamburg, Germany

Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (ІWO), Berlin, Germany

Project duration: 11/2011 - 09/2015           This project is supported by the European Union.

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