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Since first days of its establishing non-governmental organization MAMA-86-Odessa has been active at solve concrete environmental problems on local, regional, basin (in the basin of the Black Sea and the rivers emptying into it), national and global levels.

1. Resolving of environmental problems in the area where the founders of MAMA-86-Odessa live. As the result of active protest and legal activities and lobbying by the members of the organization full amount of state funding for treatment facility KNS-10A was allocated and the facility was put into operation (2000), station for oil tanks washing closed (2000) and 4.5 hectares of natural lakes in Luzanivka District cleaned from oil pollution using Ukrainian innovative technologies (2004).

2. Closing of refilling station (2002) near the Moloda Gvardity Youth Camp.  In record-breaking time (3 months) with the help of local people and Environmental Procurator’s Office construction of the refilling station was suspended and the local environment was brought back to the natural state.

3. With the help of local people and Sanitary-Epidemiological Service the pick-up mobile station belonging to Golden Telekom was dismantled from the technical floor of the 16-floored apartment house located at Dobrovolska Str. (2001).

4. Studies of in-fact water consumption in Odessa have been conducted, expert evaluation of residential water meters performed; adopting of “Rules of Residential Meters Installation” has been lobbied and the Rules were approved by the Order of the City Housing and Community Facilities Department (2002). Result: in the first year after the new Rules adoption water consumption in Odessa decreased 13.6% and during 3 years that followed - 40%.

5. Defense of the Dniester Reed-Beds. Participation in the picketing to prevent from illegal construction of the Odessa-Reni road through the Dniester River reed-beds, lobbying for passing over of a segment of Moldavian road to Ukraine. Result: illegal construction suspended, Moldova rented out a segment of road to Ukraine for 99 years.

6. Civil ecological expertise of environmental situation, which came about after hydro-engineering facilities building in the Kuchurgan River basin (territory of Stepanivskiy Village Council, Rozdilna Raion, Odessa Oblast) has been performed (2004). See the Expertise

7. Comments to the Odessa General Plan Concept and arguments to support the necessity of a pedestrian quay building in Odessa have been submitted. The comments have been taken into account by way of lower pedestrian quay building.

8. Energy audit has been done and a number of energy-saving measures developed and carried out; ground for separate waste collecting was established at 36, Balkivska Str. for the first time in the city (2006).

9. Civil ecological expertise of the plan of urban reconstruction and densification in the Luzanivka District of Odessa has been carried out. The conclusions of the expertise were exhibited in the library of the Luzanivka District for the perusal of local people, who took an informed decision to refuse the planes of developer to build over 22-stored houses in the district (2008). See the expertise

10. In partnership with other NGOs and experts from Odessa the concept of Odessa Wetland Park in the lower reach of the Kuyalnitskiy Liman was elaborated. The idea of Odessa Wetland Park had been included into the Regional Program of Protection and Restoration of Water Resources in the Kuyalniyskiy Liman Basin for 2012-2016, adopted by the Decision of Odessa Oblast Council No. 270-VI of 28 October 2011, as well as to the General Plan of Odessa Development. See the concept of wetland park 

11. From 2004 to 2012 MAMA-86-Odessa was taking part in elaboration of the Dniester basin policy and the Dniester basin agreement in the framework of the OSCE/UNECE «Dniester І-ІІІ» Project. As the result of active lobbying activities of NGOs in the Dniester basin the Agreement on cooperation in conservation and sustainable development of the Dniester River basin was signed on 29 November 2012.

12. Since 2008 till present MAMA-86-Odessa is a member of the Dniester Basin Council. In 2011 MAMA-86-Odessa in partnership with Odessa Oblast Council initiated the activity «Million trees for the Dniester basin from authorities and community», which is being organized annually.

13. Since 2012 till present MAMA-86-Odessa is an active member of Commission on energy efficiency at the office of Odessa Mayor.

Water resources in the basin Dniester vulnerable to climate change both quantitatively and qualitatively. According to estimates of experts available surface water resources will decrease by 16 - 20% by 2020. Thus, according to climate forecasts, there is a threat to economic development associated with water use.

Project goal: Developing the understanding of climate change problems by communities and reducing the communities’ vulnerability and increasing its ability to adapt to climate change in the Dniester River basin

•    To increase general public awareness on adaptation to climate change in the Dniester river basin issue.
•    To increase the adaptive capacity of Dniester river water protection zones through their forestation.

•    Providing the seminars and trainings on water resources in the basin Dniester adaptation of to climate change.
•    Information materials preparation.
•    Holding basin contest "Colours of the Dniester"/
•    The 3 sites in water protection zone of the Dniester River and  the river Kuchurgan forestation.

Project duration 01.08.2014 – 01.03.2015

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