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Adaptation to Climate Change of the Dniester River Basin through Creation of Planted Areas and Raising Public Awareness

  • Tuesday, 18 August 2015 09:06

Water resources in the basin Dniester vulnerable to climate change both quantitatively and qualitatively. According to estimates of experts available surface water resources will decrease by 16 - 20% by 2020. Thus, according to climate forecasts, there is a threat to economic development associated with water use.

Project goal: Developing the understanding of climate change problems by communities and reducing the communities’ vulnerability and increasing its ability to adapt to climate change in the Dniester River basin

•    To increase general public awareness on adaptation to climate change in the Dniester river basin issue.
•    To increase the adaptive capacity of Dniester river water protection zones through their forestation.

•    Providing the seminars and trainings on water resources in the basin Dniester adaptation of to climate change.
•    Information materials preparation.
•    Holding basin contest "Colours of the Dniester"/
•    The 3 sites in water protection zone of the Dniester River and  the river Kuchurgan forestation.

Project duration 01.08.2014 – 01.03.2015